Why Shouldn’t I File Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer?

Mature Man Satisfied Sitting In Front Of Laptop DaydreamingIf you are planning on filing for bankruptcy but don’t know if you should hire a lawyer before doing so, let us tell you why you should definitely, without a doubt, not file bankruptcy without a lawyer.

  1. You’ll likely end up paying a lot more money without an attorney than you would with an attorney. That’s how it goes down nearly every time. You wouldn’t try to save yourself a few bucks by pulling your own teeth, so why would you file bankruptcy alone, which could arguably be even less pleasant without a lawyer?
  2. Bankruptcy is complicated, guys. As bankruptcy attorneys, we have put in years of hard work learning every letter of the law regarding bankruptcy. Not taking advantage of the experience a lawyer has is a huge mistake. Mistakes made during bankruptcy can be extremely expensive (see point number 1).
  3. Forms for days. There is a seemingly unlimited amount of paperwork that you would have to do on your own, without the assistance of a lawyer. Let us help you fill out these forms correctly and quickly.
  4. In bankruptcy, just like in The Voice, there are battle rounds. Creditors in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will try to fight your rights to discharge your debts. Without a bankruptcy attorney to help you fight them off, you could end up coming out of the bankruptcy with remaining debt that could be discharged.
  5. You may be overlooking other options to relieve financial stress. Who knows, bankruptcy may not be the best option for you right now. You know who knows? A bankruptcy attorney. Consulting a bankruptcy lawyer prior to filing is a smart decision.

Consider these points mentioned above. If you feel that you can scale your way up the cliffs of paperwork, navigate through the fiery swamps of complexity, and fight off the rodents of unusual size (a.k.a. creditors), then we say “as you wish,” but are really thinking “inconceivable!”

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