Whistleblowers in the New Jersey Construction Industry

Whistleblowers bring wrongdoing to light by reporting fraud and other misconduct. Federal and state whistleblower laws protect employees from retaliation if they come forward with information about their employer’s illegal activities. In the construction industry, whistleblowing often involves public works fraud and safety violations. If you are a New Jersey construction worker ready to blow the whistle on your employer’s misconduct, an experienced Monmouth County business attorney can help protect your rights. If your New Jersey construction company has been accused of fraudulent activity or retaliating against an employee, a qualified Monmouth County business lawyer can assist you in preparing a thorough defense.

Public Works Fraud

Government agencies hire construction companies to complete infrastructure projects such as buildings and roads all the time. Unfortunately, not all construction companies are honest while bidding or billing for these projects. Public words fraud is the term for when a construction company engages in fraud related to a public works project. Examples include:

  • Bid rigging
  • Bribes
  • Kickbacks
  • Inflated rates
  • Billing for work not performed or materials not used
  • Using non-union labor when union labor is contractually required
  • Falsely claiming green building products were used
  • Engaging in unsafe practices or using subpar materials
  • Failing to vibrate concrete
  • Violating “Buy America” requirements
  • Submitting false progress reports
  • Falsifying test results
  • Paying less than the contractual wage
  • Falsely claiming minority business ownership
  • Falsifying Title 24 standards or energy certifications

Public works fraud not only lines the pockets of corrupt business owners, it also puts construction workers and the public at risk. A Monmouth County business attorney protects the rights of New Jersey whistleblowers who report public works fraud and also defends honest construction companies against unfounded fraud allegations.

Safety Violations

Construction companies must uphold safety standards as established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Workers have a right to report OSHA violations related to private and government-funded projects. Examples of construction safety violations include:

  • Failing to properly secure scaffolding
  • Leaving equipment with frayed cords or missing ground prongs in service
  • Failing to follow trenching and excavation requirements
  • Leaving floor holes uncovered
  • Failing to provide employees with sufficient safety equipment and training

If your employer is violating safety regulations, or if your company faces accusations of OSHA violations, contact a Monmouth County business lawyer today.

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