What are Common Rental Scam Red Flags?

We explain common rental scam red flags.

Scammers are constantly on the lookout for targets who are looking to rent residential properties or who are in the process of moving. In New Jersey and elsewhere, scammers could walk away with thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money if you are not careful. Fortunately, many rental scams have common factors that can make them easy to identify. Rental scam red flags may include:

  1. The scammer says they cannot meet with you. Scammers may claim they are out of the country or cannot meet for some other reason. Never rent a property without meeting the landlord first.
  2. The property listing is vague. Be on the lookout for real estate ads with vague descriptions of the property. This could signal that the person has not seen or been to the apartment or house.
  3. You are asked to pay without having met someone or seeing the property. The scammer may demand excessive up-front fees without showing you the apartment or house. For instance, they may ask you to perform a wire transfer.
  4. You are asked to sign forms before seeing the apartment. Scammers may try to steal your personal details, such as bank account information or your Social Security number. Never give personal information without seeing the property and meeting the landlord.
  5. The apartment listing contains fake photographs. Scammers may use photos of a property that is not available for rent. They could use photographs from these properties to make an ad look legitimate. You could check the property’s address on other listing services, such as Zillow.
  6. The property listing is suspicious for other reasons. There could be several aspects of the property listing that raise red flags. For instance, ask yourself if the rate being offered sounds too good to be true for the area.

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