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How to Know If Your Termination Was Illegal

Though most employers have an “at-will” clause in their employment agreements, you can still take legal action if you believe you were wrongfully terminated. “At will” employees can be terminated from job positions at any time, but there are exceptions to the “at-will” rule that can assist you in taking legal action. Exception #1: Written Contracts If there is a written contract that states the duration of employment or other clauses such as firing being dependent on good cause, then you may have a strong case for wrongful termination in court. Exception #2: Implied Contracts This exception to the “at-will” rule is not as strong of an argument as a written contract. However, it may be used in court for your wrongful termination claim. The courts may consider the length of employment, promotions and performance reviews. Exception #3: Infringement on Public Policy Employers cannot terminate a position for participating in…
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