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Why Did This Fair Practices Lawsuit Get a Close Shave?

Do you know how big the international shaving razor market is? Probably a lot bigger than you ever imagined. One company controls around 65 percent of the market for shaving razors worldwide, and that company brings in about $7 billion a year. So, when a new kid on the block shows up, you bet that company is going to protect its business. But did this company’s non-compete lawsuit go too far? Its competitor thinks so, and it filed a fair practices lawsuit to prove it. Will This Fair Practices Lawsuit Cut Deep? ShaveLogic is an ambitious new startup in the shaving industry. Its advanced razors features more blades in a smaller razor and a shaving head that locks in place with magnets. After developing its products, and putting together a sizzle reel, this company started approaching investors a few years ago, but things haven’t gone according to plan. P&G—owners of…
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Are Non-Compete Agreements Enforceable in New Jersey?

Non-compete agreements are not always necessary for a business. There are, however, times when having key employers sign an NCA is critical to a business’s success. Courts can change these non-disclosure agreements, though, and will not always enforce them. New Jersey courts can consider the enforceability of an NCA for an employer to use it against a former employee. In doing so, there are certain factors they consider. Factors of Enforceable Non-Compete Agreements Non-compete agreements are generally enforceable in New Jersey so long as they are reasonable in scope and duration. This is primarily because New Jersey does not want to restrict trade. The court will only enforce non-competes, therefore, that are defined narrowly. There are three primary factors New Jersey courts use to determine if a non-compete agreement is reasonable. First, the primary focus of the NCA must be to protect the legitimate business interest of the employer. This includes…
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Should I Require Noncompete Agreements for My Employees?

Noncompete agreements are used by employers to protect intellectual property or to stop former employees from poaching business. In some cases, employees may have cause to enter into litigation against a former employer if the noncompete agreement was too broad or poorly defined or if it unfairly limited the employee’s ability to find new employment.  A post on the Washington Post’s Wonkblog details a recent trend of noncompete agreements that some people might deem unfair. The post also discusses efforts by Senators Al Franken and Chris Murphy to curtail what they see to be unfair noncompete practices. According to WonkBlog, Franken and Murphy are introducing legislation to ban noncompetes for employees making less than $15 an hour or $31,200 annually, except in jurisdictions where the minimum wage is higher. Recent Trends in Noncompete Agreements As written in WonkBlog’s post, several types of positions involve signing a noncompete these days: not…
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