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Important Considerations When Drafting an Employee Contract

While owning a business, contracts are a very important part of ensuring that your business runs smoothly. In order to avoid complicated lawsuits and other legal troubles, drafting an employee contract is crucial when you find someone perfect to work for you. Before making a new employee contract, you should consider a few things to include. Why Should I Draft an Employee Contract? First, it’s important to understand the many advantages of writing an employment contract, and it can benefit both the employer and employee. Employee contracts will help keep the employee at the company. Most contracts will specify a minimum length of time the employee has to commit to working, which can also give the employer enough time to find an appropriate replacement. Contracts also help to protect the confidential information of a new employee. They can also set performance standards and provide security for the employee. What Should…
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When is Business Litigation a Necessary Step?

New Jersey Construction Company Sues Over Unpaid Work A New Jersey construction company has recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Pohatcong Township, claiming it failed to pay work-related expenses on a renovation project at the city hall. The company was contracted to build an addition on the side of the structure where the courtroom and police station are located, labors which have since been completed. The project was begun back in 2011, but experienced delays when the township pushed costs past its original bid. According to the civil filing, the township demanded work that was “beyond the scope of the contract.” It also claims the township hindered the company’s progress by not vacating the worksite in time for crews to begin working, reoccupying portions of the building while construction was still ongoing, and forcing the project into postponement by failing to make timely payments. The city has refused to pay…
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What Insurance Does My Business Need?

Business Attorneys in New Jersey That Help Companies Thrive Disastrous events can happen at any time that may affect a business, including injuries, fires, accidents, lawsuits and acts of negligence. However, these events can become significantly less disastrous when owners have the correct business insurance coverage. Different types of insurance can protect your business from a variety of situations that may threaten your profits and the stability of your enterprise. If you own or plan to start a business, you should find out more about what types of insurance may benefit your company by talking to a business lawyer who has your company’s needs in mind. What Types of Business Insurance Must a Company Have in New Jersey? Before discussing the optional types of insurance available to a business, owners should know about the insurance they must possess by law: Workers Compensation Insurance – In most states, including New Jersey,…
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What Rights Do Employees Have in At-will Employment States?

Talk to a Monmouth County Business Lawyer to Learn About Wrongful Termination Understanding at-will employment law is imperative for businesses, since failing to stay within the law can result in wrongful termination lawsuits against your company. New Jersey, like many other states, is has at-will employment. This means that both employers and employees may terminate employment at any time without reason or prior notice. However, the law is not always this simple, and many exceptions exist to give employees additional rights. Learning more about at-will rights can allow businesses to recognize unfair dismissal suits before they occur. What is At-Will Employment? At-will employment means that for any reason, except an illegal one, an employer may terminate an employee or an employee may leave a job without suffering any legal repercussions. Employers may also change an employee’s wages, eliminate benefits or otherwise alter the terms of the employment relationship without giving…
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Do New Jersey Banks Anticipate Better Conditions for Business in 2014?

Talk with a Monmouth County Business Lawyer to Ensure Your Business Operates Effectively According to a recent survey about the economy, many New Jersey banks are optimistic about 2014. These small to medium-sized banks lend to households and local businesses, and their positivity could make them more likely to provide loans to those in need of financial assistance. The survey could also be an excellent indicator of how the local New Jersey economy may improve or decline in 2014. Why are Many New Jersey Banks Optimistic about the Current Economy? Statistics from the survey showed that only 9.3 percent of banks that participated in the study believe the New Jersey economy is in poor shape, which is a significant drop from the 31.5 percent that said the economy was in poor condition in 2011. The number of banks that believe the economy is in good shape also increased from 5.6…
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