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The Kim Davis Question: Can Your Employees Stop Doing Their Job for Religious Beliefs?

Declaring that she was acting “under God’s authority,” Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis has become something of a hot topic in recent weeks. The debate about issuing marriage licenses to gay couples still rages on, but Kim Davis’ situation brings up another pertinent employment litigation question, “can your employees stop doing their job because of their religious beliefs?” Reasonable Accommodation An employer is required by law to provide their employees with reasonable accommodation for their religion. This means that employers must take an employee’s religious beliefs into account when making business decisions regarding them, but must make sure not to take any discriminatory action. Here are a few examples of religious accommodations: Not scheduling an employee to work on a holy day Dress code exceptions (i.e. allowing longer hair for men with religious beliefs restricting them from cutting it) Changing job duties if the current duties conflict with the employee’s…
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