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More New Jersey Employees Can Use Sick Leave

Attorneys Explain the Latest News Affecting Businesses and Employees Recently, Paterson, New Jersey passed a paid sick leave law that will cover 23,000 workers by a 7-0 vote. Other cities with similar laws in the state include Passaic, Newark, East Orange, Jersey City and Irvington. The Facts Regarding the New Sick Leave Law If you work in the private sector, you will gain 1 hour of sick time every thirty hours that you work. Large companies of over ten employees are required to offer five sick days a year, in addition to other benefits, such as child care and home health care. Companies with less than ten employees must offer their employees at least three sick days. Government employees or companies with union contracts are exempt from this sick leave law as they have similar existing plans. All sick days roll over to the next year, if unused, but they…
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