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Why Did This Fair Practices Lawsuit Get a Close Shave?

Do you know how big the international shaving razor market is? Probably a lot bigger than you ever imagined. One company controls around 65 percent of the market for shaving razors worldwide, and that company brings in about $7 billion a year. So, when a new kid on the block shows up, you bet that company is going to protect its business. But did this company’s non-compete lawsuit go too far? Its competitor thinks so, and it filed a fair practices lawsuit to prove it. Will This Fair Practices Lawsuit Cut Deep? ShaveLogic is an ambitious new startup in the shaving industry. Its advanced razors features more blades in a smaller razor and a shaving head that locks in place with magnets. After developing its products, and putting together a sizzle reel, this company started approaching investors a few years ago, but things haven’t gone according to plan. P&G—owners of…
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