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Do I Need a Lawyer for a Construction Dispute?

Lawsuits are common in the construction industry, companies and contractors can be sued for construction delays, zoning and property use violations, illegal mortgage practices, and many other reasons. Even small construction jobs can turn into complicated legal battles. Common Reasons for Construction Lawsuits Unforeseen conditions: Things like an inability to obtain construction permits, weather damage, and underestimating the cost of building can halt or completely undermine a construction project. This can lead to legal claims. Bad construction work: Unfortunately, not all construction businesses will take the necessary care and precaution to do a good job. Shoddy work can lead to litigation, like the case mentioned with the New York City’s Governors Island Trust above. Property inspections: Inspections determine home values, questions with zoning and land use, and debates can occur about which party will sponsor the inspection. Since these inspections are so important, legal claims can form. There are many…
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When Do You Need a Construction Lawyer?

Construction projects involve the interaction of multiple parties including contractors, large construction companies, equipment manufacturers, and real estate agencies. With the amount of coordination needed from different parties, many issues can arise. Disputes that get serious enough may need legal action to settle. Construction Issues That May Require Legal Assistance Physical property damage: If your personal property is damaged during construction, you may need assistance from an attorney to get reimbursement for the value of the property. Construction delays: Some construction companies will take your money before building then continue to delay the project. Breach of contract: Multiple contracts may be involved with a construction project. To fully understand them and hold every party accountable to the terms, an attorney may be needed. Real estate lawsuits: These can arise for many different reasons including zoning and land use laws, title issues, mechanics lien payments, and real estate inspections. These are…
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Resolving Construction Disputes: Mediation, Small Claims Court, or Civil Suit?

So, you hired a general contractor for some additions to your business’s property or to build a new structure, and the construction is not going to your liking—so much so that you believe the contractor actually failed to hold up their end of the contract. What can you do? You aren’t necessarily required to take the issue to court. You may have other options, including mediation and small claims court. Mediation Mediation gives you and your contractor options for resolution that are not legally binding. A neutral person, usually a retired judge or lawyer, will hear you both out and provide options that will hopefully direct you and the contractor to some type of settlement that’s agreeable to both of you, avoiding litigation altogether in the process. Small Claims Court  Small claims court is an option when others aren’t working. However, it’s limited to relatively small damage amounts. In New…
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