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When is Business Litigation a Necessary Step?

New Jersey Construction Company Sues Over Unpaid Work A New Jersey construction company has recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit against¬†Pohatcong Township, claiming it failed to pay work-related expenses on a¬†renovation project at the city hall. The company was contracted to build an addition on the side of the structure where the courtroom and police station are located, labors which have since been completed. The project was begun back in 2011, but experienced delays when the township pushed costs past its original bid. According to the civil filing, the township demanded work that was “beyond the scope of the contract.” It also claims the township hindered the company’s progress by not vacating the worksite in time for crews to begin working, reoccupying portions of the building while construction was still ongoing, and forcing the project into postponement by failing to make timely payments. The city has refused to pay…
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