Study Finds Women Victims of Workplace Harassment for ‘Acting Like Men’

New Jersey Employment Lawyers on Workplace Harassment

Recently, the results of a five-year study were revealed and the findings concerning what women are experiencing in the workplace were startling. Researchers polled over 1,000 women and men at various companies to collect the data used in the study, which was revealed in an article in Fusion. The study’s polling consisted of two questions:

  • Do you hope to become top management at a big company?
  • Do you believe you can become top management?

The study results indicated that following two years on the job, men’s desire to and confidence they could become top management at a large company each dropped 10 percent. After two years working, women’s confidence in their ability to and aspiration to become top management at a big company on the other hand fell 50 percent and 60 percent respectively.

A second study included in the Fusion article focused on what happens when women in the workplace take on the traits stereotypically associated with their male counterparts, including self-reliance and aggression. The data the researchers used in the study was gathered by surveying 425 women ranging in age from 22 to 67 years old who worked within a variety of fields, such as law, education, construction and education. Subjects in the survey included:

  • Rating your appearance from one (extremely masculine) to seven (extremely feminine)
  • Questions such as:
    • If necessary, are you willing to get into a physical fight?
    • Do you hate asking for help?
  • Reporting whether their workplace is female or male-dominated and the amount of harassment they receive on a regular basis

Overall, 53 percent of the women in the study reported experiencing workplace harassment within the year prior. However, researchers added that women in the study who looked and acted more stereotypically masculine experienced more gender and sexual harassment than the other study participants.

Who Can Sue for Workplace Harassment?

Those who feel they are facing workplace harassment should speak with an employment lawyer to learn what their rights are and what options apply to their specific situation. However, in general, people who feel they are the victim of a hostile work environment should follow the steps below to determine if they can sue or not:

  • If possible, victims should discuss their concerns with the person or persons they allege are offending them to try to work things out that way.
  • If talking things out with the person or persons allegedly harassing them is not possible or does not work, victims should make a complaint through their company.
  • If following their company’s formal harassment complaint process still does not resolve the issue, victims need to file an administrative charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or a comparable state agency. Doing so is necessary before victims can pursue a workplace harassment lawsuit, because before they can file a suit, they must receive a right to sue letter from the EEOC or state agency.

New Jersey Employment Law and Workplace Harassment

New Jersey labor laws are much more complex than most people realize. For that reason, amongst several others, the guidance of New Jersey employment lawyers is vital for anyone pursuing a workplace harassment claim. New Jersey employment lawyers understand the urgency of harassment cases. Often, the longer these situations drag on, not only do those being harassed continue to suffer, but also New Jersey employment law deadlines could pass or evidence could be lost that is crucial to holding those at fault accountable.