Small Business Law Guide: Reasons Why You Need to Invest In a Lawyer

Hundreds of small businesses start up every month. Many of these businesses choose to research legal documents online, and handle law issues internally, by employees who are not trained legal professionals. It is vital that you are getting experienced and professionally trained individuals on your team who are ready to protect you. Your business is less established than competing companies who may have been around for decades, with legal professionals who have watched the industry’s legal landscape evolve over time. Having a real lawyer could be the difference between having a successful business and having your entire operation shot down by a lawsuit you did not foresee.

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Lawyer Before Trouble Arises:

  1. Your Lawyer should be prepared: Hiring a lawyer after a lawsuit is already issued will cause the lawyer to have to rush to catch up and learn the nature of your business. Having a lawyer who is a long-standing member of your team will help them familiarize with your business model, brainstorm potential lawsuits coming your way, and have a more efficient way to defend against incoming lawsuits.
  2. You cannot claim ignorance: Although you are not expected to know all the legal knowledge of your industry, claiming ignorance in the face of a lawsuit is not enough to win your innocence.
  3. Draft Concrete Business Contracts: Drafting business contracts with partners and clients is vital to protect both of your interests, the company’s profitability, and the safety of your business partners and clients.
  4. Relationship will strengthen over time: As your business evolves, so will the relationship with your attorney. The more ideas and questions you bounce off of your attorney, the more they will understand your needs and what to expect for how to protect your business in the future.
  5. Some Issues are too complex: Some issues will require too much knowledge, time, and commitment to solve yourself. This will end up taking away resources needed to develop and operate your business. Some of these issues include employee workplace discrimination issues, and federal or state agencies filing complaints against your company.

Prepare your company for the worst of business lawsuits and ensure business safety and profitability by hiring an attorney ahead of time. Contact an expert in small business law through established New Jersey based business attorney Gary L. Mason to find out how he can help you.


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  1. You mentioned that lawyers who are hired after a lawsuit have to rush to catch up. I’d imagine that rushing might lead to mistakes and maybe even an unfavorable outcome for the business. It might be a good idea to avoid that by hiring a business lawyer ahead of time so they will be prepared from the start.

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