How to Prepare Your Business for a Natural Disaster

Commercial Real EstateNatural disasters can be, well… disastrous for your business. Hundreds of businesses are forced to permanently close their doors after a hurricane, tornado, flooding, or some other force of nature. Without proper preparation, a natural disaster can do more damage to your business than you could feasibly afford to rebuild. We’ve got a few pointers for you on how to prepare your business for a natural disaster.

Preparing for a Natural Disaster

  • Tornadoes – When a tornado touches down near your business, you need to have a plan already in place, because you won’t have much notice. Here’s what you should do if your business is at risk in a tornado:
    • Assign someone to keep watch on up-to-date weather alerts.
    • Have all employees gather in a safe place. Basements are best, followed by bathrooms and windowless hallways.
    • Keep extra blankets available in the shelter area.
  • Hurricanes – Hurricanes produce powerful winds and heavy rain. Luckily, you should have some notice before a hurricane hits.
    • Notify all of your staff about work status before the storm comes.
    • Tape over the windows to minimize the risk of flying glass causing harm.
    • Nail up some plywood over the windows for protection.
    • Unplug all electrical equipment, and shut off the gas and water.
    • Bring all outside equipment indoors.
    • If you have company vehicles, get them into a garage, or away from trees and other falling hazards.
  • Flooding – Flooding causes millions of dollars’ worth of damage to businesses every year. Preparing for flooding usually requires a lot of forethought.
    • Find out what the 100-year flood level is in your area.
    • Keep electrical equipment and important documents raised off the ground.
    • Move everything above the 100-year flood level when there is a flood watch.
  • Fires – If your business is ever at risk of burning up in a property fire, here’s what you should do:
    • Make sure to install and maintain smoke detectors and a sprinkler system if possible.
    • Create an evacuation plan, and conduct regular drills to prepare employees.
    • Minimize clutter, especially in hallways and exits.

The cost of making repairs and rebuilding your business can be enough to prevent it from ever getting back up and running. If you are prepared, you may be able to minimize damage and protect your business.

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