What to Know About Real Estate Transactions

Experienced New Jersey Real Estate Lawyer for Buying and Selling Property in NJ

free consultation with our New Jersey real estate lawyer serving Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Mercer CountiesReal estate transactions are often one of the most important financial investments individuals and businesses make. Residential real estate transactions can involve a couple purchasing their first home or buying a new home to make room for their family to grow. These transactions, in addition to being financially complex, have a lot of emotion tied to them. Commercial real estate transactions can be even more complicated than residential transactions. This is because they usually involve larger and more complex properties as well as bigger price tags.

In the case of either residential or commercial real estate matters, having a New Jersey real estate lawyer working on your behalf can mean the difference between a transaction working out favorably for you or not. Most individuals and businesses do not handle real estate matters on a daily basis. This can then lead to poor decisions caused by inexperience. Tale advantage of our experience and let us work for your benefit.

Types of New Jersey Real Estate Transactions

The process of completing a residential or commercial real estate transaction can involve several aspects. Each has its own unique details that, if mishandled, could derail the entire deal, including:

  • Drafting and reviewing mortgage documents
  • Real estate closings
  • Complying with land use and zoning laws
  • Securing or negotiating the refinancing of a property
  • Handling property title issues and reviewing titles
  • Guiding clients through the entire process of purchasing or selling a property

Why Do I Need an Experienced New Jersey Real Estate Lawyer for Transactions?

Real estate lawyer Gary L. Mason, a founding partner at Garland & Mason, L.L.C., has been helping individuals, businesses, families and institutions with real estate transactions in New Jersey for over two decades. In addition to his years practicing New Jersey real estate law, attorney Mason is a licensed loan officer. This enables him to assist clients with residential and commercial real estate transactions, such as initial loans and refinancing. Having the backing of a real estate lawyer with that level of knowledge, experience and expertise, can mean the difference between your real estate transaction resulting in a favorable outcome for you or not.

Someone with less experience can easily overlook these details, which can be crucial to the outcome of your transaction. Residential or commercial real estate transactions are much too important to leave up to chance. Because of this, we recommend the hiring of an experienced attorney as an absolute necessity.

New Jersey Real Estate Attorneys for Property Transactions

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