Commercial Real Estate Transactions

NJ Commercial Real Estate Attorney Explains Common Issues

Commercial real estate transactions tend to be much more complex than residential real estate purchases and sales. In many cases, commercial real estate involves not only lease agreements or sales but also complicated financing matters, zoning, environmental concerns and more. Often, preventative measures such as hiring an attorney at the beginning of a transaction can be much more cost-effective than waiting until something goes wrong to seek legal counsel.

At the law firm of Garland & Mason, L.L.C., our commercial real estate attorney helps clients take a proactive, calculated approach to commercial real estate matters. We can review your contracts with your best interests in mind, and ensure that you consider every aspect of a lease, sale or purchase. If you would like to learn more about our services, then contact our lawyers in Manalapan, New Jersey, at (732) 358-2028. We offer free initial consultations.

Common Issues in Commercial Real Estate Leasing, Purchase and Sale

Whether you are planning for the sale or purchase of a piece of commercial real estate, or you have been named in a lawsuit, our experienced attorneys can provide you with educated guidance and efficient legal services. If you are currently in litigation and need representation, then our lawyers will quickly begin working to resolve your dispute so that you can move forward with your project. We have experience handling commercial real estate matters involving the following:

If you are considering purchasing or leasing commercial real estate, your most important priority is usually determining if the property meets your needs and then arranging financing. If you are selling or leasing out property you own, then your most pressing concerns may be your liability for property defects as well as the terms of the lease or sale. Both parties must also consider tax implications, environmental concerns and transaction costs. A commercial real estate attorney can assist with these issues, and any other matters that may arise.

Common Disputes That May Arise in Commercial Real Estate Matters

The purchase, sale or lease of commercial property is an involved process, and disputes may arise at any stage. Often, a commercial real estate lawyer can help prevent serious disagreements and litigation. Some of the most common disputes involving commercial real estate include:

  • Title dispute or defects. If the property or portions of the property have changed hands many times, then it may not always be clear what parties have claims on the property. Additionally, the deed or title may be vague or contain other defects, confusing the sale or lease. This can create conflicts if the buyer and seller have different understandings of the deal.
  • Financing issues. If the buyer or lessee finances the transaction through a third party, then that lender will usually determine the timing of the deal. This can cause tension, especially if separate issues arise with that lender. If the seller offers financing, this adds additional complexities to the entire transaction.
  • Contract dispute. Often, the parties simply disagree on the terms of the contract. Without the help of an experienced commercial real estate attorney, these disputes are often difficult to resolve to the satisfaction of both sides.
  • Land use dispute. Property owners may disagree or object to actions taken by the entity leasing the land. This can include future development and/or easement concerns.
  • Landlord-tenant dispute. The lease of commercial property can be much more complicated than a sale. In a lease, both parties enter a lengthy business relationship. Future issues may give rise to landlord-tenant disputes, especially if the original contract is vague.
  • Environmental contamination issues. The contract of sale or lease may not always be clear which party is responsible for future environmental concerns.

Any of these disputes can turn into an expensive lawsuit if the parties cannot resolve their disagreements on their own.

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