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Monmouth County NJ real estate attorney for commercial and residential real estate transactions and closingsWhen you are facing a real estate dispute or transaction, whether it involves a residential or commercial property, you need the best representation to protect your interests. The New Jersey real estate attorneys at Garland & Mason, L.L.C. are particularly adept at handling real estate litigation and transactions. We have years of experience successfully guiding clients of all types through the residential and commercial real estate process in NJ, including:

  • Residential property developers
  • Home buyers
  • Home sellers
  • Commercial property developers
  • Businesses purchasing or leasing property
  • Businesses selling property

Garland & Mason, L.L.C. provides our clients with the services they need, including:

Do I Need a New Jersey Real Estate Attorney?

At Garland & Mason, L.L.C., we handle real estate transactions as well as litigation issues on a daily basis and have for years. Monmouth County real estate attorney Gary L. Mason is a licensed loan officer in New Jersey. Additionally, he also employs a full time real estate paralegal who holds a title license and has a wealth of expertise and experience with all aspects of real estate transactions. Having a New Jersey real estate firm with this level of knowledge, insight and expertise representing you in a real estate case is a necessity.

Real estate litigation can often hinge on details that can be easily overlooked by those inexperienced in dealing with such issues. With property that is the foundation of your business or with your home on the line, do not leave anything to chance. Furthermore, it only makes sense to hire an experienced real estate attorney over one who is inexperienced. We can help.

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