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Monmouth County personal injury lawyer for product liability and faulty device cases in Mercer, Middlesex and Ocean County NJYou use products under the belief that they are safe. When that belief is proven false, it can lead to devastating consequences for you or someone you love, including catastrophic personal injury or even wrongful death.

With stakes so high and corporations employing an army of lawyers to minimize your deserved recovery, you cannot afford to settle for a second-rate product liability attorney. Your family’s future is on the line. You need an experienced Monmouth County personal injury lawyer fighting on your behalf.

Our New Jersey product liability lawyers can investigate the product that harmed you or your family and offer you options. A defective product lawsuit could not only result in money damages to pay for medical bills, lost wages and more, but more importantly, a lawsuit could prevent this type of faulty device from affecting other innocent people in the future.

Types of Product Liability Cases

Generally, if a person was injured or killed due to a product defect, it is considered product liability. The majority of product liability claims fall under one of three categories:

  • Manufacturing defect
  • Design defect
  • Improper instructions or warnings

Specific examples of product defects that can result in product liability claims:

  • Defective auto parts, including tires, airbags or engine components;
  • Dangerous children’s toys;
  • Defective medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

Who Can Sue for Product Liability?

Depending on the circumstances of the incident, those who can sue for product liability include but are not limited to:

  • Person or persons who were injured;
  • Domestic partner, wife or husband of victim;
  • Parents or legal guardians of children or unmarried adults who were hurt or died as a result of the product defect;
  • Victim’s biological/adopted children, grandparents or siblings;
  • Financial dependents of victims.

How Can a Monmouth County Personal Injury Lawyer Help Defective Product Victims?

There is no excuse for an individual or company’s recklessness or negligence leading to injuries or death. These types of injuries caused by bad products are preventable and should never happen, let alone leave victims and their families to suffer due to a traumatic injury or wrongful death.

Each Monmouth County personal injury lawyer at Garland & Mason, L.L.C. has a long history of holding negligent and reckless parties accountable and ensuring victims and their families receive the case results they need to cover current and future expenses, including:

  • Recovering money to cover hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, funeral expenses and lost income if a victim is unable to work because of his or her injury or the incident claimed the life of a family’s breadwinner;
  • Enabling victims and their families to concentrate on recovery by taking on the burden of bringing those responsible to justice;
  • Providing clients with a Monmouth County personal injury lawyer who is experienced at taking on large corporations and their insurance companies and who will not hesitate to go to trial if it is in victims’ best interests.

Find New Jersey Attorney for Product Liability

Product defect injury victims and their families have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting Garland & Mason, L.L.C. Attorney Craig L. Klafter has been representing the interests of individuals from Monmouth County and the surrounding NJ counties of Middlesex, Mercer and Ocean for more than 30 years injured as the result of defective products.

It costs nothing to talk to our Monmouth County attorneys, who can explain to you your rights and options so that you can make an informed decision about what is in your best interests going forward.

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