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Monmouth County personal injury lawyer for accidents, medical malpractice and product defect casesIn the wake of suffering a serious personal injury due to another’s negligence or intentional conduct, there is much to address, from life-altering injuries to massive medical expenses to financial struggles to the legal process. In addition, much of what you have to deal with will be new to you at a time when you are still trying to wrap your mind around your new reality. While you and your family take the time to heal physically and emotionally, let a Monmouth County personal injury lawyer take care of the legal and financial issues.

Insurance companies often prey on victims and their families in these situations, because they feel they are desperate and may not understand how devastating accepting a poor settlement can be for them down the road. That is why it is so important for personal injury victims to have an attorney with experience and an objective perspective representing them.

Common Types of Personal Injury Accidents

Personal injury accidents involve incidents where someone is hurt due to an individual, business or institution’s negligence. Personal injury accidents come in a wide variety, including but not limited to:

What Can a Monmouth County Personal Injury Lawyer Do to Help Me?

There is nothing that is truly going to make up for the suffering of a catastrophic injury or the death of a relative will impose. However, a Monmouth County personal injury lawyer can help victims in several ways, such as:

  • Helping them recover money for pain and suffering, funeral costs, lost wages if a family’s breadwinner was killed, hospital costs, physical therapy expenses and more;
  • Holding those at fault accountable, which will hopefully prevent them from hurting others with their recklessness or negligence in the future;
  • Providing victims and their families with an experienced, aggressive and relentless advocate who will take the burden of litigation off their shoulders so that they can concentrate on their health, recovery and well being.

Lawyers in Monmouth County NJ That Handle Personal Injury Accidents

Even if you are not sure if you can sue following a New Jersey personal injury accident, you should speak with one our attorneys at Garland & Mason, L.L.C. before making any decisions. Our Monmouth County attorneys have years of experience helping personal injury victims and their families in and around Manalapan, including accident victims in Mercer County, Middlesex County, Ocean County and throughout Central New Jersey. We can ensure you make an informed decision by explaining your legal rights, determining if you have a lawsuit and presenting you with your best options moving forward.

Do not hesitate to call Garland & Mason, L.L.C. It costs you nothing, and due to statutes of limitation and the possibility of evidence being lost, you have no time to waste. To set up a free consultation with a Monmouth County personal injury lawyer, call us directly or visit our contact page.