Facing Charges in New Jersey Municipal Courts? You Have Rights

Monmouth County Traffic Offense Help

Traffic ticket lawyer offers free consultations for traffic offenses, DUI and other matters in Monmouth, Middlesex County, New Jersey municipal courts.Do you need an attorney for a local court matter? If so, then Garland & Mason, L.L.C. represents the rights of drivers and other clients facing charges in municipal courts in central New Jersey. These may include:

Our traffic ticket lawyer brings a strong record of success to drunken driving cases, traffic violations and other misdemeanor matters. To discuss your concerns in a free initial consultation, contact our New Jersey municipal court attorney now at (732)358-2028.

It’s Worth the Investment

While offense is nice, effective defense is worth the investment. Even though your funds may be tight, consider the expenses associated with a conviction for traffic offenses including DWI / DUI. They include not only court fines and costs but also the possibility of increased insurance premiums and points on your motor vehicle driving record. Also, criminal defense is money well spent. A drunken driving conviction could also increase your insurance costs by tens of thousands of dollars. Call our law office in Manalapan, New Jersey, to learn how an experienced traffic ticket lawyer can improve your situation.

Finally, attorney Craig L. Klafter, of Counsel, has represented clients in the local and Superior Courts of Monmouth County and central New Jersey for over twenty years. As a result, his familiarity with local judges and prosecutors helps him provide realistic case evaluations for drivers accused of drunk driving and other traffic offenses. He commits himself to the improvement of every client’s circumstances through various legal options:

  • Acquittals – or dismissed charges
  • Reduced charges – resulting in reduced fines, restored driving privileges
  • Reduced point tickets – resulting in significant savings in insurance premiums
  • Alternatives to jail – including community service and alcohol treatment options

Our Monmouth County defense lawyers serve clients whose driver’s license has been suspended, revoked, or is in jeopardy due to a string of traffic tickets. Similarly, the municipal court lawyers at Garland & Mason, L.L.C. assist commercial truck drivers, couriers and other workers who depend on their driver’s license for their livelihood.

For effective legal representation in Central New Jersey, contact our Monmouth County traffic lawyer.