Experienced DUI/DWI Representation in New Jersey

Hire an Attorney Immediately to Avoid Harsh Penalties

Top New Jersey DUI lawyer for drunk driving charges in Mercer County and across South NJNew Jersey has some of the harshest penalties for drunk driving in the United States. In order to avoid substantial fines, driver’s license suspension and jail time, it is imperative to hire an experienced NJ DUI lawyer as soon as possible after charges for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). At the law firm of Garland & Mason, L.L.C., we aggressively defend clients charged with DUI or DWI in Mercer County and throughout New Jersey. Contact us online or call (732) 358-2028 for a free consultation today.

Fighting your charge is the only way you may be able to escape serious penalties and keep your driver’s license. The burden of proof lies with the state. Therefore, with the right attorney, you could have your charges and penalties reduced or even dismissed.

How Can Our Law Firm Help?

  • The attorneys at Garland & Mason, L.L.C., will question the validity of the field, breath or blood testing methods used. We can then determine if any errors were made.
  • We will also carefully examine the maintenance records of the breathalyzer if an officer used one to test your blood alcohol level (BAC).
  • Our lawyer will determine if the officer had a legitimate reason to pull you over. If the officer did not have probable cause to stop you, then the court can throw out the charge regardless of other evidence in the state’s case against you.

Our DUI attorneys represent people in criminal matters. We will provide a strong voice for you in and out of court. Our law firm will fight for the best results in your situation. Please contact us for a free initial consultation as soon as possible if you are facing DUI or DWI charges.