Business Asset Sales

Savvy Legal Counsel For NJ Business Asset Sales

For legal counsel regarding business asset sales, call a Monmouth County, NJ business lawyer at (732) 358-2028 for a free consultation.Buying or selling a business always involves certain risks. The party acquiring business assets is making a leap of faith based on the seller’s representations. Additionally, the party offering the sale may have concerns about fair value or future liability. The Monmouth County, NJ law firm of Garland & Mason, L.L.C., can represent either party in the purchase or sale of business assets. Our lawyers have wide experience with business transactions, from sales of small businesses and franchises to complex mergers and acquisitions. We help clients anticipate potential problems and negotiate and structure the deal in their best interests.

New Jersey Business Asset Sales Attorneys

Our NJ business lawyer provides due diligence and negotiation for clients who are buying a business. In most cases, you acquire the business through an asset purchase. However, we also handle stock transfer transactions. Our role is to protect the legal and financial interests of clients in every facet:

  • Does the purchase price reflect the value of the business?
  • What are the terms of the agreement?
  • How will the purchase be financed?
  • Are there liens or other encumbrance?
  • Will key employees stay on?
  • Will the seller stay on during the transition?
  • What is the status of the commercial lease?

Our law firm can also assist clients with obtaining bank loans or private equity financing. Additionally, we help with all regulatory compliance. We aim for a smooth and timely asset transfer and work hard to ensure there are no post-closing liabilities for our client.

Representing Sellers In Asset Sales

Our law firm also represents parties that are divesting business assets. We review the purchase agreement and also ensure that the transaction is secured if the buyer is paying by note. We confirm that our client complied with all required disclosures and has not made any material misrepresentations that could later lead to litigation. Then, we work out the terms of transitioning the business to the new owners to minimize any friction.

From negotiations to closing, you can count on Garland & Mason, L.L.C. for thorough and thoughtful business law advice. We practice in Monmouth County and surrounding counties of New Jersey. Call our Manalapan, NJ business lawyer at (732) 358-2028, or contact us online.