NJ Woman Sues Home Shopping Network Over Burns

Many of us have happened upon a desirable product or two when flicking through the channels and landing on the Home Shopping Network (HSN). A woman from Berlin, NJ bought a pressure cooker from the television network and suffered first and second degree burns while using it and now she is suing.

According to the personal injury suit, the pressure cooker unexpectedly sprayed boiling water on the face and chest of the Kelly McGowan. The complaint says that the pressure cooker was purchased in 2008, and it is supposed to prepare food by boiling liquids in a sealed pot. This creates steam inside the pot, which is supposed to cook food.

In March of 2013, McGowan alleges that the lid on her pressure cooker shot up into the air, just an hour after she began cooking cabbage and corned beef, causing her severe burns. McGowan is seeking more than $100,000 in her suit against HSN and Wolfgang Puck Worldwide (the maker of the appliance).

The claim accuses the defendants of gross negligence because they did not take the necessary precautionary steps to make sure there were no potential defects with the product. The claim also alleges that the defendants did not provide adequate warning of the potential hazards involved with using the appliance. McGowan’s husband also filed a lawsuit for loss of consortium with his wife, alleging the injury has robbed him of his wife’s support and companionship.

When an appliance or device does not work the way it has been advertised to, there could be an issue of product liability or consumer fraud. When those product defects lead to injuries, there’s not only a potential case of consumer protection, there is also a personal injury suit to litigate. Don’t stand idly by and allow negligent manufacturers and retailers get away with any damage caused by defective products.

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