NJ Homeowners Sue After Discovering House With Interesting History

A New Jersey couple has filed a lawsuit claiming real estate agents steered them to a home with a interesting history.Home for Sale
The couple moved into their new house in Sparta, New Jersey last summer and, soon after, a contractor installing satellite TV in the home found several issues with the electrical wiring. This led to the contractor finding web cams installed in the basement. At this point, the plaintiffs allegedly discovered that prior tenants used the property as a sex club with hidden cameras and closed circuit television throughout the home.

Three months after moving in, the couple packed up and moved out.

The complaint, filed June 26 in Sussex County Court, claims fraud and breach of contract.

The real estate agent – and co-defendant – who sold the couple the house investigated and found “two illuminated cages in the basement, a large amount of cocaine on the dining room table, a stockpile of condoms, and multiple pornographic tapes,” according to the complaint.

The plaintiff’s allegations weren’t limited to the sex club claims. They also allege the sellers failed to make various repairs before they moved in, such as “a gas leak in the stove,” “inoperable toilets,” “inoperable showers” and “electrical wires hanging from the basement ceiling.” Also, they were told that the property was not in foreclosure, when in fact it was, according to the complaint.

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