What to do When a Customer Sues You

Starbucks is being sued by a customer who printed out a coupon from the Internet for a free Starbucks drink. While the coupon was actually issued by Starbucks, it had been canceled by the coffee giant before it was used, which meant that the man was out of a free drink. While Starbucks expected a few complaints, it did not expect a $114 million suit because the man was not able to get his free drink that day.

In this case, Starbucks actually sent the coupon out to their employees themselves, hoping that they would share it with their friends. And they did, until a few websites got a hold of the coupon and made it go viral.

But instead of honoring the coupons and keeping their customers feeling good, Starbucks canceled the promotion, which was news to the people who had not gotten the notice. The bad publicity did not fare well with some loyal customers. This story proves true that sometimes no publicity is actually good publicity.

When can a customer sue your New Jersey business

A customer can sue your New Jersey business, which may necessitate the services of a New Jersey personal injury defense attorney, in the following types of situations:

  • Negligence: This occurs when a negligent act on your part causes one of your customer’s injuries. This may include anything from a customer slipping and falling on water to a broken chair.
  • Misrepresentation: This occurs when the service you offer is much different than the service that you provide.
  • Intentional acts: This occurs when an employee of your company does something to intentionally hurt someone else.

If any of these are ongoing issues in your business, contact a New Jersey personal injury defense attorney today in order to protect the assets of your business.

What to do if your New Jersey business is being sued

  1. Make sure to never admit any fault of your actions in writing or verbally. Every situation is different and needs to be investigated before coming to conclusions.
  2. Make sure to contact a New Jersey personal injury defense attorney to make sure that you give yourself the best chance to mitigate the circumstances. Do not contact the customer directly as this may exasperate the situation and cost you more money.
  3. If the customer has a real case, your New Jersey personal injury defense attorney will do their best to settle the claim and get you the best outcome possible as to not to create negative publicity.