The Right Way to do Employee Background Checks

CheckPoint HR has released a list of why a company would want and find it more efficient to use a background check in the hiring process. These reasons include:

  1. Background checks and verification increase the quality of a potential hire. This includes such details as education and specific skills.
  2. Decreasing workplace violence and theft can be extremely beneficial to a company and its coworkers. This could mean that potential legal issues and losses could be avoided in the future.
  3. Avoid negligent hiring charges due to identity theft or misrepresentation. Someone can claim to be someone who he is not in order to get hired by a perspective company.
  4. Reduce disciplinary issues and save the company money by reducing turnover. A background check will ensure that the candidate is right for the specific job.
  5. Corporate responsibility is maintained when doing background checks, as candidates are discouraged from lying.

If you are thinking of conducting employee background checks on current or potential employees, make sure to contact a New Jersey corporate attorney to make sure that you are no violating any laws and opening yourself up to unnecessary liability.

The Fine Line Between Arrests and Convictions

A thorough background check may reveal a about a potential hire. This includes his arrest record. However, the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights has made it clear that an employer may not investigate a potential employee’s arrest record. This does not mean that convictions cannot be investigated, just arrests. The conviction, however, do have to give information to the employer about how well the applicant’s qualifications fit the position for which he is applying. If you have any questions regarding what type of information you’re allowed to obtain by using a background check on a potential or current employee, contact a New Jersey business attorney.

Securing Written Authorization Before a Background Check

Before a background check is conducted, an employer is required to obtain written authorization from a prospective or current employee. The written authorization has to be separate from other hiring documents and must be clear to the potential or current employee that the employer may conduct a background check.

If you need authorization forms or have any additional questions regarding doing background checks legally and avoiding future legal suits against you, contact a New Jersey corporate lawyer.