The Delicate Balancing Act of a Whistleblower

The ramifications of whistle blowing may not come to light immediately after the information that was previously being kept secret is made public. During this time, the whistleblower may still find that on the surface not that much has changed. He or she may still be employed or otherwise present at the place where the wrongdoing was being or still is being perpetrated and may in some instances still be involved to some extent in the illegal or unethical practices.

Getting Ready for the Inevitable Outcome

So, what should the person who is “walking the tightrope” be doing in the meantime? The answer to that is simple: getting ready for the proceedings, legal and otherwise, that are sure to follow and the effect they will have on one’s life, both now and in the future.

First Things First

The whistleblower should arrange for legal representation before any disclosure is made. By doing this, the disclosing individual has someone whom he or she can trust who knows what is happening, and can assist in the safekeeping and security of evidence, and the lawyer will already have a working knowledge of any pending cases.

It may be a good idea to discuss the possibility of putting the attorney on a retainer for the immediate future. In this way, the client/attorney relationship is in place, but expenses are still being kept at a minimum. If the whistleblower already has a personal attorney, remaining with that person may be tempting. This might not be the best option, however, as there can be extenuating circumstances.

If the disclosed information is strictly of a business nature, and affects only a company or organization, it may be a better idea to engage the services of a New Jersey business attorney. The New Jersey business lawyer will be qualified to answer questions and handle legal matters in accordance with New Jersey laws governing business practices.

A New Jersey criminal attorney will be more suited to handling the legal aspects as they pertain to the New Jersey criminal justice system, should there be criminal proceedings. The New Jersey criminal lawyer will be in a position to interpret the law as it pertains to the individual’s involvement.