New Jersey Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

A high-ranking employee of a major drug manufacturer in New Jersey was terminated from his position when it was revealed that the worker was arguing that the company was not selling, marketing and distributing one of the company’s major drugs. The man had been a vice president within the company and, along with a colleague, had been a major proponent of improving the marketing and selling of the drug.

The company sent him and his colleague a letter stating that it had made “significant changes to correct the issues you raised” and that it is “in the process of disclosing to the relevant government authorities” marketing issues relating to the pharmaceutical. Because the vice president had been levying such serious allegations against his company, the corporation reportedly hired private investigators to discover things about the man that would put into question his mental stability.

New Jersey Business Contract

Businesses in New Jersey should draft business contracts for any employees, clients or prospective vendors throughout the course of doing business. These business contracts officially outline any perimeters for doing business and can be used in case there are any questions that arise out of the relationship between the business and the employee, the business and the client or the business and the vendor. The legal documentation that is required in order to conduct official business should be drafted by a qualified New Jersey business law attorney. Some documents that are good to have on hand by businesses include:

  • Contracts
  • Succession plans
  • Stock or shareholder agreements
  • Real estate agreements

Business Hiring

One way a business can cut down on fraud and employee waste within an organization is to improve hiring techniques. Businesses should thoroughly investigate prospective employees’ backgrounds by conducting credit and background checks, conducting thorough interviews and talking with previous employers. Finding out from previous employers what an applicant’s true strengths and weaknesses are can provide an in-depth analysis of whether the person can do the job you need him to do.

A reputable New Jersey business lawyer can help companies throughout many steps of the business process. Qualified New Jersey business attorneys can conduct thorough background checks to make sure businesses are hiring the workers they think they are getting. These attorneys can also draft the necessary documents that are needed throughout the course of doing business.