New Jersey Intellectual Property

Many companies in New Jersey operate with trade secrets, copyrighted material and technology that are in need of licensing. These businesses require the utmost protection by the U.S. Government to maintain their secrecy. The laws of New Jersey also protect such property and rights of businesses through:

  • Copyright laws
  • Technology licensing
  • Trademark laws
  • Infringement protection
  • Trade secrets

Businesses should strive to protect their work from copyright infringement by legally copyrighting any written materials. In addition, many companies purchase copyrighted materials for use by their business and need protection of their use of these materials. Many of these same businesses also have trademarks and logos that need to be trademarked with the federal government. These businesses may also have to use licensed trademarks, acquire trademark rights from others, and defend such usage from time to time.

Businesses that produce technological software or equipment need to legally license their technologies. Many New Jersey businesses also find themselves having to purchase licenses or defend themselves against charges of unauthorized uses of such technology.

In addition, many companies establish a unique system of doing business that is deemed a trade secret. When such a secret is developed, it is important for the entrepreneur to protect the secret from employees, clients and competitors through contract development and trade secret protection.

New Jersey Corporate Law

When a business in New Jersey is starting out, one of the primary questions of concern is how it will be structured. A New Jersey business can either be an S-corporation, C-corporation, franchise, limited liability company, or sole proprietorship. In addition, businesses often decide to form a professional association, a professional corporation, or a not-for-profit corporation. Each type has benefits, depending on the nature of the business.

An experienced New Jersey business law attorney can provide a great deal of benefits to a new entrepreneur or an established business owner. Throughout the life of a business, there are many legal issues that can, and do, arise from establishing contracts with employees and clients in order to create a succession plan for the business. A qualified New Jersey business lawyer works on behalf of the business to serve its legal needs and make sure the best interests of the company, and the owner, are consistently served.