New Jersey Home Businesses

Those considering home businesses should first consider local zoning requirements for their homes. Different municipalities in New Jersey have different rules when it comes to whether a home business can be started in a particular location. The main determinant of whether it is possible to have a home business in an individual community is typically whether people will be coming and going from the business and what the hours of operations will be. Some other considerations for home businesses include:

  • Whether there’s enough parking for a business
  • Whether there’s enough space for deliveries
  • Whether you will post an advertising sign in your yard

Some municipalities may allow such businesses but may restrict the number of people who can visit the business each day, the hours of operation, require a separate business entrance to your home, or limit the number of employees you hire.

Business Insurance

For the most part, it is up to the individual business owner to decide whether insurance is necessary for a small business. There are, however, certain industries in New Jersey in which insurance is a requirement for operation. The types of insurance that are offered for businesses in New Jersey include:

  • Liability insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Performance bonds
  • Commercial policies

When a business is considering insurance policies, it should look at the amount of money the business would need, should the given event happen. For example, if business is interrupted for a week for any particular reason, the amount of money lost should be calculated in order to determine how much business interruption insurance to purchase.

Business Licenses

In New Jersey, licensure requirements depend largely on the type of business. A standard business that sells advertising on the Internet, for example, likely wouldn’t need any particular licensing. However, a business that is going door-to-door selling magazines may be required to obtain a peddler’s license with the local municipality. Small business owners should contact the New Jersey Secretary of State’s Office and the county or municipality business licensing office to determine whether a particular industry requires licensing to do business.

A qualified New Jersey business attorney works on behalf of the small business owner to determine which licenses and rules must be followed. Hiring an experienced New Jersey business lawyer can save the small business owner a lot of money in the long run through lawsuits or fines for not getting proper licenses and filings.