How to Handle Construction Disputes

Five schools under construction have been delayed due to a dispute between the state of New Jersey and a contractor. The dispute involves the process of bidding for the projects. The state claims it would cut costs and speed production if the design and construction phase is combined. The contractors feel that this process would be unfavorable for small contractors and would cost taxpayers more money. They also feel that combining the bidding may possibly open avenues for corruption and overpricing to occur.

When a contract is drafted to build, renovate or add on to a house, disputes between the contractor and owner can happen. A knowledgeable New Jersey business lawyer can assist individuals fighting for their rights to be honored on contracts. Contractor agreements usually spell out what is to entail for a project. However, there may be unclear information that will need to be resolved before work resumes on the project.

Types of Construction Disputes

There are several types of disputes that can cause adverse effects to the building process. A helpful New Jersey business lawyer can help determine the different kinds of construction disputes. One type of dispute happens when the scope of work proposed is challenged. Many times, a contractor may have to adjust the plans to accommodate unexpected circumstances such as heavy rain during the time of construction. Other types of construction disputes include:

  • Damage to property
  • Failure to complete project on time
  • Project submittals
  • Different opinions about site conditions
  • Project access issues
  • Subcontractor substitutions
  • Construction defects

Resolving Construction Disputes

One way to resolve construction disputes is by the owner of the property recovering money to repair or replace defects to make it the way they desire it to be. An experienced New Jersey business attorney can mediate to help both parties end the construction dispute. Another unpopular way to end disputes is to terminate the contract. Below you will find methods to resolve construction disputes.

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation

Construction disputes can delay projects from completion for as long as 5 years or longer. An experienced New Jersey business lawyer can help to lower the delay. If you or someone you know is involved in a construction dispute with a construction firm, it is best to consult a qualified New Jersey business attorney to gain insight on ways to end a construction dispute.