Bootlegging Businesses

In large cities and small towns across New Jersey, it’s not uncommon to find vendors on the street selling DVDs and CDs. Many consumers may not give it a second thought. However, many of these media are of movies and music items that haven’t been released to the general public. These bootleggers smuggle video cameras into movie theaters and record the movies as they are played. They then download them onto DVDs and sell them on the streets of New Jersey.

As part of the Family Entertainment and Preservation Act, individuals who record movies in such a manner are breaking the law. Selling copyrighted material is also in violation of patent, trademark and copyright laws. Those convicted of such crimes can be sentenced to time in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

New Jersey Business Designation

The state of New Jersey Trade Names, Trademarks and Unfair Trade Practices Statute requires specific disclosures of any business using certain designations on its business name. Any company that is conducting business in New Jersey utilizing the words “and company” or “& Co.” as part of its business name must file a sworn certificate with both the New Jersey Secretary of State’s office and the county clerk in the county of operation.

This certificate must outline the names and addresses of all the principals of these businesses. A qualified New Jersey business law attorney can help any individual or business that needs to file such a certificate. Qualified New Jersey business lawyers know the laws that are specific to individual industries and can keep businesses legal and in good standing.

Using Real Names for Business

The New Jersey Trade Names Statute requires all individuals conducting business in the state to use their true, given names or the names of their businesses as registered with the Secretary of State. Individuals wishing to conduct business using names other than their true names or using a business name other than what is registered with the Secretary of State must first file a certificate under the original name and outline the additional name by which the individual is conducting business.

A qualified New Jersey business law attorney can assist any individual or business wishing to change a business filing status with the state. Business lawyers in New Jersey who have experience with such matters can make sure an individual or business remains in good standing with customers and with the state of New Jersey.