Why Does New Jersey Have Such a Big Gambling Problem?

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According to a study completed by Rutgers, New Jersey has one of the highest gambling disorder rates in the country, at almost four times the national average. Having access to many casinos, like the ones in Atlantic City, does not help people struggling with gambling. Gamblers with the most severe issues often gamble at casinos with slot machines and video poker. Online sports betting is not covered under gambling restrictions, making it easier for users to lose money. Fortunately, there are many effective ways to start eliminating debt and stop bad gambling habits.

Help for Gambling Addiction in New Jersey

  • Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey: This program offers free gambling disorder help groups, hotlines, prevention programs, and intervention and outreach programs.
  • Gamblers Anonymous: This organization locates gambling meetings with other gamblers near you based on location, and offers hotlines and recovery programs.

There are a multitude of other online gambling help resources, all of which provide support for gamblers trying to make positive changes.

What to Do if You’re in Serious Debt

If gambling addiction has gone too far, there are still options to fight against debt. Getting gambling disorder support, budgeting your finances, or in some cases renegotiating loans or declaring bankruptcy could be what you need. Contact a New Jersey debt management attorney to get help settling your debts today.

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