When Do You Need a Construction Lawyer?

When you might need a construction lawyerConstruction projects involve the interaction of multiple parties including contractors, large construction companies, equipment manufacturers, and real estate agencies. With the amount of coordination needed from different parties, many issues can arise. Disputes that get serious enough may need legal action to settle.

Construction Issues That May Require Legal Assistance

  • Physical property damage: If your personal property is damaged during construction, you may need assistance from an attorney to get reimbursement for the value of the property.
  • Construction delays: Some construction companies will take your money before building then continue to delay the project.
  • Breach of contract: Multiple contracts may be involved with a construction project. To fully understand them and hold every party accountable to the terms, an attorney may be needed.
  • Real estate lawsuits: These can arise for many different reasons including zoning and land use laws, title issues, mechanics lien payments, and real estate inspections.

These are a few of the issues that can arise during the construction process, but there are many more. Having an attorney that knows construction litigation processes, state laws, and Building Officials Code Administrators construction codes can make sure you aren’t taken advantage of in the construction process.

New Jersey real estate attorneys at Garland & Mason, LLC have excellent experience representing many different construction parties in complex lawsuits.


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  1. LNWeaver LNWeaver says:

    I had never heard of companies taking upfront payment and continuosly delaying development. I can see that there might not always be negative intent, but it could be valuable to resolve that with a lawyer. I bet there are specific contractual laws a lawyer could cite to have a judge order action from your construction company.

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