National Small Business Week Is This Week! Learn More About Helping Your Business Community

Business partners reviewing documents.April 30th – May 5th is National Small Business Week. Started in 1963, this week brings attention to the importance of small business in our country which account for more than 95 percent of all the business here. Small business is vital to our country’s economy and enriching our local communities. Despite how important they are, small businesses are often victimized by bureaucratic regulations and face intense competition from corporate chains. Let’s take a minute to appreciate small businesses and their owners, and talk about some ways for small businesses to stand tough in this environment.

How to Help Your Small Business and the Community

  • Chambers of Commerce: Joining local chamber of commerce can help you stay informed on serious issues affecting your business community, bring your business more customers, and help you network with fellow business owners.
  • Local politics: Local politicians will often be the ones making decisions that will affect your business community. Staying informed and voting can help benefit your small business community.
  • Contact the Small Business Association (SBA): The SBA was founded in 1953, designed to help aid small businesses and strengthen the economy as a whole. They assist with federal small business contracts, access to loans, government contracting, and small business advocacy.
  • Consumer spending: Your consumer choices affect how well local business can do. Choosing national chains, or the “bigger guy,” will often hurt your local small businesses.

Small businesses are one of the most important factors in our economy, and protecting their best interests is a very important issue. If your business is facing scrutiny from federal agencies or elsewhere, contacting a New Jersey small business attorney can greatly help your case.

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