Are These Mistakes Leading to High Employee Turnover in Your Business?

corporate-divorceEmployees are the backbone of any company, and any successful entrepreneur will tell you that retaining good employees is one of the best things you can do for your business. High employee turnover can kill a business like a poison, so understanding how to prevent that turnover is crucial.

Many business owners with a high turnover rate are making the same mistakes. We’ve summarized a few of the most common errors which may lead to employees leaving so that you can learn from them.

Common Mistakes That Cause Employee Turnover

  • Picking Favorites – Employees WHO are treated as favorites no doubt enjoy themselves, but you could be risking the loss of all of your other valuable personnel. Do your best to treat all of your employees equally and with respect.
  • Not Recognizing Accomplishments – Everyone likes to know that they are doing a good job. In fact, employees who feel they do a good job but are continually not recognized for it may start to feel unappreciated.
  • Keeping Underperformers – Sometimes, the key to keeping good employees is to fire the ones who aren’t cutting it. If you allow certain employees to stay even if they consistently underperform, other employees may grow resentful that they do so much better, and may even have to pick up slack.
  • Not Sharing a Vision – The best employees, the ones who want to stay and help your company succeed, are the ones who have seen your vision for the company and agree with it. Superstar employees will want to know the direction of the company if they are to stay.
  • Stupid Rules – Rules, as a rule, are important to good business. However, excessive or just plain stupid rules are usually enough to drive employees away. For example, taking away PTO for being five minutes late is going to irk a lot of workers.
  • Treating People Like Tools – The balance between professionalism and humanity is extremely important. Half of employees who leave a job feel they have to because they are being treated like robots by the boss. Empathize with employees and understand that they are people with lives outside the office.
  • Violating Employment Law – The fastest way to scare off all of your people is to violate employment law. Always make sure you are in compliance, otherwise you may lose your entire workforce and be slapped with a lawsuit.

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  1. Atkerson Law Atkerson Law says:

    We’re happy to see somebody getting the word out to business owners. The relationship between the business owners/management and employees is so vital to the success of the company. Of course it is crucial that employees are happy, and it’s up to the owner to ensure that they are.

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