Do You Know How Olympians Make Money?

Calculating BankruptcyWhile you’re watching the Olympic games this year, you’re no doubt thinking of all the hard work those athletes have put in to get where they are. “It must be a full-time job to train for the Olympics” you’d say, and you’d be right. Olympic athletes train almost as many hours in a day as you or I spend at our jobs. The unfortunate difference is that the Olympics doesn’t pay.

Sure, winning a gold medal will get you $25,000, but that’s not nearly enough to cover the cost of living, let alone training. Also, most athletes don’t achieve gold anyway. The only way Olympians make money off of their Olympic exploits is when they win gold and then get an endorsement deal.

So, how do the other ones make the scratch necessary to pay keep the lights on while they train? You may be surprised to learn that on top of their full-time job of prepping for Rio, many Olympic athletes also work other jobs. Here are some of our favorite athletes and what they do for a living.

  • Nico Hernandez – Boxer and lube tech
  • Michelle Carter – Shot-putter and makeup artist
  • Mara Abbott – Cyclist and yoga instructor
  • Steve Kasprzyk – Rower and chemical engineer
  • Enkelejda Shehaj – Shooter and restaurant owner
  • Alex Naddour – Gymnast and realtor
  • Angel McCoughtry – Basketball player and musician
  • John Nunn – Race walker and gourmet cookie business owner
  • Christa Dietzen – Volleyball player and elementary school teacher
  • Jared Ward – Marathon runner and statistics professor at BYU
  • Kerron Clement – Hurdler and model/actor
  • Ashley Nee – Kayaker and adventure kayaking instructor
  • Nick Delpopolo – Judo athlete and judo instructor, babysitter, lawnmower, snow shoveler, clothing store salesperson, and anything else that pays apparently

These athletes, and many others, are some of the most impressive humans on our planet, and yet, they are just that: humans. They have to make the money to pay the bills just like everyone else. They struggle with finances just like everyone else. They occasionally need help just like everyone else.

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