Would You Know If a NJ Contractor Cheated You?

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs recently announced that it was taking legal action against 51 NJ contractors who have cheated residents out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to NJ officials, these 51 contractors cheated homebuyers out of more than $650,000.

About half of the contractors who were fined were not even registered with the Division as legally required. To be registered with the Division, a contractor is required to provide the location of the jobsites, and provide proof that they have at least $500,000 in liability insurance.

NJ Contractor Violations

The NJ contractors were cited for various offenses, including:

  • Failing to finish jobs they were paid for in advance
  • Performing substandard work
  • Failing to refund deposits
  • Fraud
  • Home Improvement Contractors’ Registration Act violations

The Division is seeking more than $800,000 in consumer restitutions. The amounts the Division is wanting each contractor to repay range from $250 to $134,000 depending on the violations.

Which NJ Contractors Were Fined?

Some of the contractors who were fined in the Monmouth County and Manalapan Area include:

  • CMS Construction Group LLC in Manalapan
  • Eco-Coastal Building LLC in Monmouth Beach
  • Dorsey Construction & Remodeling LLC in Somers Point
  • David Pagella in Belmar
  • Dennis Ackerman d/b/a Driveway Innovation in Long Branch

It’s shameful to take advantage of people who are likely putting everything they have into a new home.

The real estate attorneys at Garland & Mason LLC have years of experience dealing with contractors who try to cheat families out of what they pay for; a safe and completed home.


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