Why It’s Important to Be a Good Boss Even After an Employee Leaves

Two businessmen indoors shaking handsIt’s always in your best interest to be the very best boss you can be. It sounds cheesy when you say it like that, but when your employees respect you, or even dare I say like you, then your business will be better off for it.

Being a good boss isn’t all about offering the best perks or paying employees more (though it does help). Sometimes, it’s about knowing what to do even after an employee leaves.

What to Do After an Employee Leaves

So, James put in his two weeks because he is moving to Oregon to be closer to family or whatever. How you handle his send off, and what you do after he’s left will speak volumes to the employees who remain, as well as your clients.

To be the best boss you can be, here are some dos and don’ts on what to do after an employee leaves your company.

  • Do let them know you appreciate the work they did for you. Hopefully this isn’t the first time you’ve ever given them recognition (otherwise we have a different idea about why James is quitting), but showing appreciation for a worker on their way out helps put other staff members at ease.
  • Don’t ask James to leave the same day he turns in his two weeks. If you kick him out the door right after he notifies you, it shows other employees that you don’t necessarily need or care about anyone. It also means there won’t be a crucial transition period.
  • Do have a transition period. After James gives his notice, work with him to create a plan to transition his projects to another employee. Do this with a smile. Without this important transitional step, the employees you still have may be overwhelmed, causing a dip in productivity and morale.
  • Don’t refuse to give references or use them as an excuse to get back at anyone. By refusing to give a reference, you could be negatively impacting that employee’s future. No reference is almost as bad as a poor reference in some cases. Also, giving a bad reference in order to punish a former employee may be grounds for defamation.

Being a great boss means you can’t quit even when your employees do.

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