Why Do These HR Policies Tend to Alienate Employees?

business-transactionsKeeping your employees happy is going to be key to the success of your business. In fact, you may even say it’s one of your most important jobs as an owner or manager to keep the staff happy. That being said, there are a lot of business owners who continue to use HR policies which have shown to cause problems. Here are a few common policies we feel should be changed.

HR Policies You Should Change

  • Sick/Vacation Leave – Many business owners elected to roll the sick leave and vacation time policies together into one. By requiring employees to use vacation days to recover from an illness, you are only going to accomplish two things.
    1. Your employees will come to work sick to avoid losing vacation time, thereby making other employees sick.
    2. Your staff will resent you. They will feel like you are trying to cheat them out of vacation time, which may be enough to persuade some employees to leave.
  • Prohibiting Freelance Work – Any of your employees may want to branch out and do a little freelance work on the side for any number of reasons. Having a specific policy that bans freelancing across the board is going to cause more problems than it will solve. As long as they aren’t directly competing with you, you should encourage freelance work as it helps build your employees’ skillsets and experience. If you’re really worried about losing business based on one your employees’ work outside the office, you should look into having a non-compete agreement with them.
  • Forced Schedules for Salaried Workers – Forcing your salaried staff to adhere to a strict schedule will turn them off so fast it will make your head spin. If you want to clock your employees time, make them hourly. Salaried employees should be left on their own. On week they may work 60 hours, the next they may work less than 40. It shouldn’t matter as long as they get their work done.

A strong, loyal staff is the backbone of any successful business. There are times when you have to be the hard boss, but there are also times when it’s important to ease up.

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