How Hard is it to Get Commercial Retail Space in New Jersey?

Business partners working together Are you thinking of purchasing retail space for your business in New Jersey? There are many steps to opening a money-making enterprise in the US, and obtaining a proper space for a business is very important. Like they say, location, location, location.

Getting Your Commercial Real Estate Space Ready

  • Zoning/permits: Confirm that intended use of the building is permitted in that area, confirm compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and acquire current or pending permits and applications necessary for that property.
  • Building inspections: Certified inspectors can inspect for safety code compliance, and find out if your building is environmentally compliant. They will inspect for asbestos, soil contamination, mold, and environmental hazard issues.
  • Potential claims: You want to be aware of past, current, or pending litigations that involve your property. You do not want to become liable for a lawsuit for something the previous owner is involved in, consulting a New Jersey real estate attorney to avoid potential legal issues.

How to Find Retail Space in New Jersey?

  • Online: There are online resources to search local retail spaces for businesses, such as
  • Real estate brokers: Many commercial real estate brokers exist to offer assistance in finding a business space that best fits your needs. Shopping around for multiple spaces and using different brokers can give you a better idea if you are getting a good deal or not. You will have to pay the broker, but they will have much more knowledge and resources than you will to give you great options.

There are many licenses, permits, and potential legal hiccups involved in securing the right commercial real estate space for your business. A New Jersey Real Estate attorney will help ensure you against litigation and buying a property that has too much financial or legal baggage.

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