Foreclosure Law Protects You From Price Gauging

Foreclosure laws in New Jersey.Recently, a foreclosure agency called Castle law group in Colorado was sued for over $16million by the state for malpractice and making unjust profits. Their main competitor was sued for the same reason, and subsequently put out of business 2 years ago. These companies cannot charge as much as they want, there are laws for consumer protection and fair debt collection practices. Many foreclosure firms do follow the law, so do some research on what foreclosure rates should be in your area. If you still feel like you are being overcharged, keep reading below to see if contacting a foreclosure law expert is the best decision for you.

Questions to Ask Your Lawyer About Foreclosure:

  1. What constitutes an unjust profit? Laws on consumer protection and debt collection exist throughout the country and differ state by state. Your local attorney will know the foreclosure laws specific to your region.
  2. Can you communicate with the debt collection agency? Hiring a lawyer to represent you will allow them to communicate directly with the debtors, making is easier to gain the correct information for your case and take action if malpractice is found.
  3. What should I look out for? One of the main warning signs is additional collection of interest fees that were not specified in the initial contract. Make a note of any additional fees or interest that were added on since the beginning of the debt contract. Castle law group was cited for overcharging by 95$ for each foreclosure notice they sent out. Review the initial contract you signed with the collection agency to take note of what fees were specified. Debt collectors also may not claim they are attorneys or government representatives, and they cannot threaten legal action against you.

Don’t let debt collection agencies get away with breaking the law. If your house is being foreclosed, it is in your best interests to partner with an attorney to verify if your foreclosure process is legitimate, and you are being treated fairly. Contact experienced Manalapan New Jersey based law firm Garland and Mason, LLC to receive advice on foreclosure law today.

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