Five Ways to Stop Negative Business Culture From Turning Your Company Into a Zombie

business-transactionsAs the head of your small business, there are a lot of things that you can delegate to managers and other employees, but building and maintaining a lively, positive business environment is not one of them. In the same way that a positive atmosphere can drive your company to success, a negative business culture can quickly turn it into a decaying zombie.

How to Avoid Killing a Business Dead

  1. Stop hiring blood-sucking vampires. Make sure that your hires not only know and understand the company values you want to emphasize, but that they also desire to emphasize it themselves. It’s important that employees are excited and happy to be working in your business otherwise they are likely to drain the life from everyone else around them as well. Stake them.
  2. Zombie hordes are bad. While it is important that everyone be on the same page as far as the company values, it is highly detrimental to have a team that resembles a zombie horde. If everyone is doing the same thing, trudging around and eating the same brains as the other zombies, it’s time to diversify. Hire a well-rounded team that can work off of and challenge each other.
  3. Be a ghost. Don’t be creepy and move things around the office or stand in the corner watching employees, but do be transparent. Stay honest with the people that work for you and always encourage communication.
  4. The Blob is not a good role model when it comes to expansion. During periods of rapid growth, it is vital that you closely monitor the business morale and ensure that the company values are not being left behind. Team building exercises work wonders for keeping up employee momentum when business is booming.
  5. Don’t ask too much of your Igors. Also, don’t call them Igor. Making large requests of employees is a sure way to get them frustrated. It’s important that you are consistent with your requests and do your best not to put too much weight on their shoulders.

A study from Randstad, a staffing and HR services company, shows that a positive company culture is one of the key factors for success. Another study from Deloitte revealed that 91 percent of employees that believe in their company and its values are working at financially successful businesses. Work to provide that spark of life in your business and it will live… LIVE!

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