Five Employee Issues Where You Should Consult with a Business Attorney

How can I protect my business?

Last week’s blog talked about the different ways your business could face an employment lawsuit. More can be said about the types of employment issues that could lead to these lawsuits. There are situations where you should consider consulting with a business attorney. These situations may include when:

  1. You are hiring independent contractors. An attorney could help keep you out of hot water if you are planning to use independent contractors. There are specific rules that apply to how independent contractors are classified and treated. You would also want to draw up a contract that states the terms of the work agreement.
  2. You are hiring or firing employees: Businesses may face discrimination lawsuits from former employees or jobseekers. You could consult with an attorney before hiring or firing employees. An attorney could advise you one which mistakes you should avoid during the process.
  3. You are creating employment policies: Many businesses draft employment policies that cover sick day policies, pay, paid time off or grounds for termination. Always consult with an attorney before drafting the policies outlined in an employment agreement or when adding new policies.
  4. Complaints have been filed against your business: You should consult with an attorney if current or former employees have accused your business of sexual harassment, discrimination or retaliation. The next step after a complaint could be a lawsuit. It is always better to consult with an attorney before you are sued.
  5. You are unsure about your obligations: There are other employment obligations you could be required to meet. For instance, the Affordable Care Act requires some businesses to provide health insurance for employees. In addition, there are also certain rules for exempt and nonexempt employees. An attorney could familiarize you with these and other employment obligations.

Do Not Wait Until You Are Sued to Hire a New Jersey Business Attorney

Some businesses make the mistake of waiting until after they are sued to hire an attorney. It could be cheaper to consult with an attorney beforehand on some of the issues mentioned above. Once you are sued, your business is going to be stuck with damage control and defending itself in court.

The New Jersey business attorneys at Garland & Mason, L.L.C have decades of combined experience helping businesses handle difficult legal situations. If you have questions about how to protect your business, we are here to provide answers.

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