Does My Company Need a Social Media Policy?

Should your company use a social media policy?

Social media platforms have become an all-encompassing part of our society. In addition to having individual uses, these platforms also allow businesses to promote their brands. However, certain mistakes on social media could hurt the reputation of your business and its brand. It is important to consider creating a social media policy for your employees. A policy could address issues that include but are not limited to:

  1. Identifying who can represent the company online. Your policy could list the names of people who are allowed to speak for your company on social media. Select these people to avoid creating any confusion among clients or other employees.
  2. Identifying topics that cannot be discussed on social media. Your policy could address certain topics that cannot be discussed on the company’s social media accounts. For example, the policy could bar employees from posting confidential or proprietary information. Additional taboo topics, such as talking about clients over social media, could also be addressed by the policy.
  3. Setting consequences for violating the social media policy. You could list the potential consequences of violating the terms outlined in the policy. For instance, your policy could address what happens if an employee posts something clearly inappropriate on a company-owned account.
  4. Reminding employees of the blurry line between professional and personal accounts. Your policy could help employees better understand that what they post on their private accounts could affect their professional accounts. While this may not be a steadfast rule, it could encourage employees to act responsibly online.
  5. Train your employees how to use social media. If you have a social media director that is responsible for maintaining the company’s brand online, then they should know how to use the platforms that are required for their job duties. Mistakes could violate a platform’s terms of service or could bring bad publicity.

Should I Hire an Business Attorney to Create A Company Social Media Policy?

It is possible to inadvertently get into legal trouble while creating a social media policy. For example, some businesses have made the mistake of asking for the login information for personal social media accounts.

You should consult with a business attorney before creating a social media policy for your business. An attorney could not only help you create an effective policy, they could also keep you from making mistakes that could get your business into legal trouble. To learn more about creating policies for your business, contact Garland & Mason, L.L.C for a consultation.

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