What Cyber Security Measures Does Your Business Need?

Is your business capable of handling the problems presented by the digital age? The world is becoming more and more dependent on handheld devices and the internet. That’s why it’s becoming so important for your business to be connected, but that connectivity comes with some security risks that you need to be prepared for.

Does My Business Need Cyber Security Measures?

  1. Keep Updated– The older the software, the longer hackers have had to crack it. That’s why it is important to stay ahead of these cyber criminals by making sure you have the latest software. Be sure to also keep up with updates for the software you have since these updates often include security patches.
  2. Make Strong Passwords– If the password to any of your business’ systems is ‘1234’, ‘qwerty’ or “password’, then you have a weak password and you need to change it immediately. Secure passwords use letters (capital and lowercase), numerals, and characters (!@#$%).
  3. Limit Password Attempts– Don’t let people keep trying passwords till they get it right. Limit password attempts to three or four times so hackers will have to try harder to break into your systems.
  4. Virtual Keyboards– Key logging software is a common way hackers learn passwords. To keep them from stealing your passwords, require your employees to use virtual/on-screen keyboards to enter sensitive data like passwords.
  5. Use Security Software– There are a lot of programs out there. Find the one with the features that you need and go with that. Though no security software is bullet proof, it is better than having no software.

There are even more security threats that business owners need to be aware of so they can stop data breaches. Stick with the New Jersey business litigation attorneys here at Garland & Mason to learn more about these threats. You can also head over to our Twitter and Facebook pages to share your cyber security ideas.


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