What is the Most Common Cause of Data Security Breaches?

Common causes of security breachesTechnology is no longer just for the geeks and the nerds. In today’s business world, if you want to succeed, your company better be tech-savvy. Just about every role in most companies relies on technology in one way or another. Along with the importance of technology comes the importance of protecting it by preventing data security breaches.

When most people think of data breaches, thseey conjure up ideas of hackers wildly typing away to infiltrate an organization’s protected data. The traditional culprit of security breaches, however, is much more mundane.

Cyber-attacks are not the main cause of security breaches. Human errors, such as the loss of a device or forgetting to log-off, are. In other words, improving data security doesn’t mean improving our firewall, it means better educating our employees. Here are some of the most common errors employees make that put their company’s info at serious risk.

  • Using work devices for personal activities
  • Failing to notify work after loss of device
  • Not changing passwords frequently
  • Using the same passwords for work and leisure

These mistakes are made for the same reason: convenience. It’s embarrassing to tell your boss you lost a USB drive. It’s annoying to have to change passwords every few months. Fixing these errors is about teaching employees to value the security of the company’s data more than they bemoan a minute or two of inconvenience every now and then.

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