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Employees who expose unfair or illegal workplace practices are at times retaliated against by their employers. Employees who were terminated for exposing wrongdoing may have a right to whistle blower claims for damages against their former employer.

Snowden, Poitras Honored with Whistleblower Ridenhour Prize

When it comes to whistleblowers in the United States, one person’s criminal can be another person’s hero. Such is the case with Edward Snowden and Laura Poitras, who have been named the recipients of the annual Ridenhour Prize for truth-telling, because of their role in revealing the massive and unlawful NSA surveillance of millions of Americans. The Ridenhour prize is in its 10th year and was named after the late Ronald L. Ridenhour, who helped exposed the massacre at My Lai during the Vietnam War. He later became an investigative journalist until his passing in 1998. Snowden leaked scores of classified NSA surveillance documents in 2013, while in Hong Kong, and has been granted temporary asylum in Russia. He faces heavy prosecution and multiple years in jail on counts of espionage. Poitras, who is also holed up in Russia, was the first reporter to establish encrypted contact with Snowden, and…
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