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Personal injury due to accident or negligence can sometimes require the assistance of a personal injury attorney

Dunkin’ Donuts to Pay $522,000 in Personal Injury Settlement for Unsafe Conditions

A woman in Highland Park, New Jersey was carrying a tray of hot coffee when she tripped over a rebar spike in the parking lot. She sustained multiple injuries, including burns, and shoulder and back injuries. She was also forced to undergo surgery for some of these injuries. The rebar spike had previously been holding a curb stop before the stop became dislodged, and unfortunately for the injured woman, the Dunkin’ Donuts store had neglected to fix the hazardous issue. It is not only unfortunate for the woman that was hurt, but it is also a problem for the business as they are now required to dish out a $522,000 settlement to the woman for damages. The worst part of this entire ordeal is that it all could have been avoided if the store had remedied the broken curb stop in a timely manner. Providing a Safe Workplace Businesses are…
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Don’t Look Now but Your Cell Phone May Be Endangering Your Life

In the modern age, most people rely heavily on a cell phone. We use them constantly throughout the day, and many of us are even guilty of taking them to bed with us. According to a Pew study, 44 percent of cell phone users say they stay connected, even after lights-out. Falling asleep with your phone can be dangerous, and not just because you’re staying up late to play Candy Crush. Recently, a Texas teenager woke up to find that her cell phone had been smoldering while she slept, melting into her bed and burning her sheets and mattress. The phone, a Samsung Galaxy S4, had a non-Samsung replacement battery that was incompatible with the phone, and it had slipped under the pillow where heat was trapped. Cell phones, as well as laptops and tablets, use lithium-ion batteries. Though they are typically safe for everyday use, there is still a…
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Study Shows Kids’ Own Drivers Are Biggest Risk In Fatal Drunk Driving Accidents

When we hear about people and families being injured or killed in drunk driving accidents, often times it conjures the mental image is of a happy family in one car and a careless drunk driver in the other car. However, recent studies have shown that this is a common misconception. If a child is killed in a drunk driving accident, chances are the drunk driver was in the same car as the child. From the years 2001 to 2010, 2,344 children under age 15 died in car accidents, according to the CDC. One in five involved drunk driving and sixty five percent of the time, it was the child’s own driver who was drunk. So it seems more likely that mom or dad having a few too many at a party is the largest risk in fatal drunk driving accidents to children. What makes this even worse is that 61…
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