Can a Business Dispute Delay Legislation?

Business Lawyers Examine Contentious New Bills

New Jersey state lawmakers are delaying a vote on five bills because of a business dispute between billionaire Carl Icahn and Trump Taj Mahal’s unionized workers.

One of these bills would guarantee health care for casino workers. Other bills involve tax breaks, property taxes, city debt and money for state schools.

The union that represents the casino workers argues that Icahn is refusing to sign a deal regarding the casino worker’s wages and benefits. Vince Mazzeo, a New Jersey Assemblyman, told reporters that the legislative vote could not continue until Icahn makes a deal with the union because one of the bills includes tax breaks for the Taj Mahal casino.

The influence of this dispute over legislation could stem from the fact that four of Atlantic City’s twelve casinos closed last year. The Taj Mahal is barely holding on. Historically, casinos are major part of Atlantic City’s culture, employment and revenue.

It will be interesting to see how these two forces resolve their dispute and how the bills will affect the city if they are approved.

What Are Some Ways to Resolve a Dispute Out of a Courtroom?

A single business dispute can involve several parties. It can also lead to costly litigation. Fortunately, there are ways to resolve disputes in ways that are less public and less expensive. Two of the more popular methods to resolve your dispute include:

  • Mediation

This involves a third party who remains neutral and guides negotiations. This allows the disputing parties more control over the outcome of the dispute. A business lawyer can help put any agreements made during mediation into writing and enforce the terms agreed upon during mediation. However, the lawyer has no power to impose a solution.

  • Arbitration

This is an out-of-court procedure, but it operates much like a trial. One or more arbitrators will examine evidence in the dispute and then make a decision. This is much quicker and less formal than a court trial. Arbitrations usually occur when there is a dispute over part of a contract. A business lawyer can represent you in an arbitration case.

There are alternate methods of resolving a dispute as well, such as collaborative law or conciliation. If you find yourself in a business dispute, it is in your best interest to seek out an experienced Monmouth County business attorney near you. Garland & Mason, L. L. C. serves clients with a variety of legal business needs.